How to Conduct Effective Governance Online Meetings

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Governance Online meetings are a fantastic method of making decisions that impact the entire company. They are not a replacement for face-to-face meetings. For legally binding decisions, shareholders and members of the governing board must be physically present.

Virtual meetings should be conducted in a way that is as similar to an in-person experience as is feasible. Members should prepare for the meeting, read the materials in advance and arrive on time. They should also interact with each with the same manner as they would do in the face-toface meeting.

This can be accomplished by distributing a meeting agenda to all participants and allocating an amount of time for each item. This will help to keep the discussion on track and stop the meeting from going over time. Additionally, the presiding officer should encourage participants to raise their hands or post messages to the chat at any time they wish to take part. This will allow them to talk about their thoughts without interrupting other members and avoid feeling isolated from the rest of the group.

The officer in charge of the meeting should encourage the use of the muted button. This will reduce any background noises like the sound of crying children, dogs barking or doorbell sounding. It is also recommended that they check in with attendees frequently to ensure they are able to participate. Finally, they must ensure that the minutes are taken of the meeting and all important decisions or actions are recorded.

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